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Well, its review time again thanks to BzzAgent! This time I got to try Garnier B.B. Cream, and once again Garnier came through!

I can't believe how wonderful this product is! Since becoming a mother, I have found myself with little to no time to do my makeup everyday...that is, until B.B. Cream entered my life! Applying this cream to my face literally take less than a minute and the results are immediate. Any imperfections on my face a covered, my face is smooth to the touch, is not oily, and actually looks as if I have nothing on!

My beauty routine now consists of Garnier B.B. Cream, mascara, and lip stain...that's it! No more primer, then concealer, then foundation, then powder; nope, now its just a 3 product, simple routine, that even the busiest woman can handle!

Best part of all? I got to try it for FREE...thank you BzzAgent!

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