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Hello everyone! I hope that everyone is having a great summer so far! I am coming to you to pitch a new idea for this blog, and for the facebook page, so let me know what you all think!

As you know, this blog, the page, the giveaways, etc., are all for you guys. I want you all to enjoy the content that I bring to you, and so I have been brainstorming and thinking of new and exciting things to do, in addition to the reviews and giveaways.

I am thinking of starting a new weekly rundown; for example:

So what do you think? is this something that you all would be interested in? Are there other things that you would like to see addressed on the blog or facebook page? If so, let me know! You can comment below, or Click Here to be taken directly to the Thrifty Mom page, and post some ideas there!

Lets get to brainstorming!!
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