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Stories from the Golden Age; Westerns. by: L. Ron Hubbard

In honor of National Day of the Cowboy,  I am going to tell you about a series of books written by L. Ron Hubbard. With 19 New York Times bestsellers and more than 250 million copies of his works in circulation, L. Ron Hubbard is among the most acclaimed and widely read authors of our time. He was further among the most prolific and popular writers through the Golden Age of Pulp Fiction. (www.lronhubbard.org)

Cattle King for the Day, was originally published in the March 1937 issue of All Western Magazine. It is the story of Chinook Shannon, who, after learning of his grandfathers murder, rides from Arizona to Montana, in an attempt to secure the family Slash S Cattle Ranch, only to be informed that it is set to be foreclosed in the next 24 hours. As Chinook starts to investigate the murder of his grandfather, and who might be trying to take the family ranch, he is meet with problems that he had not foreseen, and along the way he becomes, The Cattle King. *This book also includes the story, Come and get it.

Six-Gun Caballero, was originally published in the March 1938 issue of Western Story Magazine.   In this story, Michael Patrick Obanon, has just inherited 100,000 acres, willed to him by his father. But he soon learns that he is at risk of losing his inheritance, when a group of renegades lay claim to the ranch. Obanon must fight to secure his birthright, but when it seems as if everything had turned against him, he must devise a new strategy to outwit those that wish to take what is rightfully his.

The Toughest Ranger, was originally published in the June 1938 issue of Western Story Magazine. In this story, Cowboy Petey McGuire, a young, soft, abused boy, who is gun-shy and self-despairing, goes looking for a new start as an Arizona Ranger. When he gets there, he has created an all now personality, as the toughest man around, from Kansas to New Orleans. He claims to be a man so tough, that he would give a rattler nightmares. But when he is sent after the states most dangerous desperado, Petey has to look deep within, to discover what it really means to be tough; Ranger Tough. *This book also includes the stories, Silent Pards, and The Ranch that no one would buy.

Shadows from Boot Hill, was originally published in the June 1940 issue of Wild West Weekly. In this story, the law is hot on the trail of Brazos, a murder, who has just killed a local banker. Brazos only option is to head towards Los Hornos and his old friend Whisper Monahan. Only, the last time they parted ways, it wasn't exactly on good terms. Monahan orders Brazos to a local man that has been poisoning his land by using cyanide to extract gold at the headwaters of a stream. Brazos doesn't know that this man has linked himself to a witch doctor, and when Brazos kills the witch doctor, he gains himself a shadow, after his soul is cursed. *This book also includes the stories, The Gunner from Gehenna, and Gunman!

The No-Gun Man, was originally published in the May 1950 issue of Thrilling Western. In this story, we meet Monte Calhoun, a man that once believed that the measure of a man was based on, how hard he could drink and how straight he could shoot. But after attending school on the east for several years, he has become a civilized, principled man; a No-Gun Man. When he returns home to to Arizona, to rescue his little brother and take him back east, his no-gun mentality is apparent, when he refuses to even avenge the death of his father. However, as is common, a mans principles can be put to the test, when in the face of gunfire. The only question is, how far can Monte be pushed, before he pushes back? *This book includes the story, Man for Breakfast.

The above descriptions are para-phrased from the inner flap, so as to let you get a feel for each book. I will say that, even though I don't usually read westerns, these books were great stories. They were fast paced, and full of everything that you would expect from a story about cowboys. Gun slinging, horse riding, revenge seeking, greatness. I enjoyed these books, and given the nature of the writing, was even able to read them to my children. My son was especially found of the stories, and played Cowboy for several days! These books come in both hard copies, and as audio books. If you are interested in any of the books above, just click on the name and it will take you directly to where you can order them. To view all of the L. Ron Hubbard Collection, please click here.

NOTE: I received these books and audio books, free for review purposes, but all opinions are my own.


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