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Terry Treetop Series Children's Books


In this story, Terry Treetop, so named because he likes to climb trees. goes in search of a new friend to spend time with. Along the way he meets several animals, and hopes that they want to be his friend, but each of them are too busy to play. Terry continues to search, and just as he gives up hope, he hears the cries of a kitty in need. All of the animals that Terry has met, come to see what the trouble is. After rescuing her from the top of a tree, Terry and all of his new found friends go to his tree house, and have a party.

In this story, Terry Treetop goes on a camping adventure with his family. As usual, Terry finds his way to the top of a tree, and is looking around with his binoculers, when he spots something in the grass. Terry goes to investigate, and finds an egg! Terry sets out to try and find out who the egg belongs too. He meets a sea turtle, an alligator, a frog, and a hen...but the egg doesn't belong to any of them. Then he remembers something that he spotted tall up in a tree. A nest! He puts the egg in the nest, and when it hatches, the baby parrot asks if Terry is its mama. He says "no, I'm just looking after you!" Then the mama parrot returns, she is very happy that he egg was safe, and no longer lost, thanks to Terry Treetop.

In this story, Terry Treetop is outside playing, when he starts following a Butterfly. Soon enough, Terry finds that he is lost, after following the Butterfly too far from home. He is sad, lost, and hungry; On his search for his home and some food, he meets a bunny who offers him some clover, a beaver who offers him a water lily, a deer who offers him some grass, and a squirrel who offers him some nuts and an acorn. As Terry meets each of these new animals, he gets closer and closer to home, but when he meets the squirrel and climbs to the top of her tree, he spots a very familiar sight in the distacne...his tree house! As Terry makes it home, he is met by his mother and his favorite food, Apple Pie! Hes sees the Butterfly one last time, but Terry has learned his lesson about straying away from home!

I really enjoyed reading these books to my children, the stories were cute, and the illustrations were bright and fit the story perfectly. I liked that with each story, by the end, Terry has learned a lesson about making new friends, helping those in need, and never starying to far from home. I also liked that the writing was done in a way, that these have become easy readers for my 7 year old, who is still learning how to read.

I recommend these books to anyone with small children, and those that are learning how to read. If you want to order any of these titles, please click on the floowing links:

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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