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Navigating Emotions for Parents Ebook Review


 We all know that being a parent is not an easy thing, we are responsible for raising the next generation, and I think we all are constantly wondering if we are screwing them up.

It certainly doesn't help, when you get so overwhelmed with everyday life, coupled with the back and forth rivalry that is guaranteed with siblings; even an only child can overwhelm a parent.

The question is, how to react to how we are feeling, when we reach that point of no return...and how do we keep from losing it on our kids.

Amy Phoenix over at Presence Parenting, has put together this ebook about how we can best navigate our emotions, so that we can interact with our babies, without blowing up or shutting down. The truth is, we have all had that moment, and I don't believe for a minute that there are parents who have never experienced being overwhelmed and angry.

All too often, we end up bottling up our emotions, and then they come spilling out all at one time, leaving our kids wondering what they did that was so bad.

Amy discusses several methods by which we can get control of our emotions, before they take over the situation. Some of those methods are:

There are many more alternatives, and each one gives you an example of how we as parents usually handle a situation, and how we can handle it differently based on which method you choose to use.

We work hard everyday to make sure that we are providing all the necessities in our children's lives, and as we mold them, we have to remember that we are learning as well. Just like we tell our children that it is okay to get upset about things, we have to remember that it is okay for us to be upset at times too. Just like we help them to understand their feelings and cope with what they are dealing with, we have to remember to do the same with ourselves.

Being a parent is wonderful and hard and beautiful and scary, all at the same time, and there is no shame in reaching out to others when we feel overwhelmed...in fact, getting a handle on our own emotions and how we deal with things, will help us be better parents, that are raising kids that know love and not fear.

You can find this book HERE for $2.99

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