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Off Balance, the American Way of Health Review


 I have been reading this book by Dr. Leyla Ali, Pharma D., Off Balance, The American Way of Health. A book that discusses something that affects us all.

Pharmaceuticals...the drugs that are being prescribed to just about every American, and for just about every issue.

In this book, Dr. Ali discusses Western Medicine, alternative forms of medicine, and when and why this country changed the way it treated patients. During the 30s patients were free to choose from alternative forms of medicine, to try and heal what ailed them. Many people took a holistic approach to their health, choosing to keep themselves healthy by focusing on what they put into their bodies. Sadly, medicine has become a business, run by pharmaceutical companies, that are only trying to make a buck.

Now, before you think I am some conspiracy theorist, let me assure you that I am not. I am however, a mother, and I have a son with Autism. Many Doctors would have just as soon prescribed my son a drug, as a means to control him and the behaviors that come along with Autism.

I on the other hand, wanted no part in being responsible for giving him something that had the possibility of setting him up for failure...addiction. So, with the help of my dad (who has taken a no drug approach to combating his diabetes) I started looking into alternative forms of therapy that would help my son.

This book has been an eye opener, and has enlightened me to things that I did not know. It discusses many forms of alternative medicine, has interviews with people that either practice one of these forms of medicine, or have used one of these forms to combat an illness.

We have become a society of people that are impatient...we need faster cars, faster Internet, faster food, faster drinks, and faster relief from pain and sickness. Our bodies are capable of healing, if we give it the right tools, and for the most part chemicals are not the answer. Now, don't get me wrong, there are always going to be instances in which you have no other choice, but for most illnesses, there is another answer...one that doesn't involve the perpetual cycle of taking a pill, followed by another pill to combat the side effects of the first pill, and so on and so forth.

If you ever question the validity of a Doctors opinion, focus on his/her reaction to you saying that you DON'T want a prescription for pain medication...it is always a telltale sign of whether the Doctor is truly trying to help you, or if you are just another dollar sign.

I strongly suggest reading this book, and researching your options when it comes to healing your body.

You can get your copy of Off Balance, the American Way of Health on Amazon for $14.99

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