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Cancer - 100 Things To Do Besides Chemo Ebook Review


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I have had a lot of family members and friends, that have battled cancer over the last few years, and some have even lost that battle. It was why I chose to read this book Cancer, 100 Things to do Besides Chemo, by Michal Peleg, in the first place, to see if there was something else that they could have done, other than chemo that would have made things better...and in some cases made sure that they were still here.

I wanted so badly to read something in this book that said something other than "boohoo, stop the pity party, its your own fault if you have cancer, just wish it away"

I can assure you, the people that have battled cancer in my family, and those friends that have battled it and those that lost the battle, were not short on love, happiness, faith, or forgiveness...to tell a person that what they are battling is all a mind game, that can go away if they pray hard enough, love hard enough, forgive hard enough, etc., is in my mind, a slap in the face.

I understand that the author, "cured" herself of stage 4 cancer with the tips she puts in this book, but I find her approach to others battling cancer, to be lacking in sympathy and compassion. Surely, anyone who has fought this fight themselves, would know that cancer is very scary, and it takes time to get over the initial shock of a diagnosis.

People of all ages, races, nationalities, and religions, can get cancer...it has nothing to do with being unloved or unloving, having no faith, not praying hard enough, or anything else that this author mentioned. Telling yourself that you will never get cancer, is not a cure. People tell themselves everyday that horrific things will never happen to them, yet everyday horrific things do happen.

The only good I see in this book, is for those families that might need a push in the right direction, to know that they are not alone in their fight. I wish that this attitude had come through stronger in this book...and rather than say "besides" chemo, she should have said "in addition to" chemo. I think her intention was to be motivational, but it didn't follow through for me.

That being said, if you are interested in reading Cancer - 100 Things To Do Besides Chemo, you can find it on Amazon for $2.99 (Kindle) or $8.70 (Paperback).


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