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Ozeri 3x Tower Fan Review


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I am a huge fan of, well, fans! They help to circulate the air in my home, and cut down on cooling costs. Usually I have an ugly box fan that wont stand up on its own, or a stand fan, that just isnt very good at circulating the air, even if it is rotating. But, thanks to the wonderful people over at Ozeri, I don't have to look any further for a great fan.

This Ozeri 3X Tower Fan is amazing. It stands over 3 feet tall, and has a heavy base, so it is steady. It is very stylish, and most people that saw it in my house thought it was a speaker!

It has several settings, including the ability to turn of each fan independently, so as to create the desired cooling effects, and it swings. It is also very quiet, thanks to its passive noise reduction technology, which is a huge plus. I especially love the nighttime setting, because it doesn't blow constantly, which it nice. It is more like a ceiling fan, cooling as it needs to. It also gives you two options for controlling it; you can either use the included remote, that fits snugly into the back of the fan, or you can use the buttons on the front of the fan.


It isn't really fan weather anymore, but because I live in Texas, it can get warm right after it is cold, much like it did a few weeks ago. It went from about 38* to 80* in less than 24 hours, so this fan came in handy. I plugged it up, put it on high, and let it swing, and it made the house comfortable.

I used it that night as well, setting it to blow across the top of the bed. My kids, who had been shifting in the bed, were almost immediately settled and fell into a deep sleep. I was also able to program the fan to shut off after I had fallen asleep, as it comes with a 7.5 hour timer, that sets in 30 minute increments.

I definitely recommend this fan, to anyone looking for a good fan, that also wants one that is stylish.

You can find this great looking Ozeri 3x Tower Fan  on Amazon for $95.99 down from $129.95 (26% savings).  

I received one of more of the items mentioned in this post, complimentary for review purposes. All opinions within are purely my own.

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