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The Diamond Connection Ebook Review


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I am a huge fan of mysteries, and this one was good as far as the plot goes.

The Diamond Connection, by Shimrit Hilel, introduces us to Ella. She has just taken a job with the Israeli Diamond Exchange, trying hard to come up with the money to help her mother with the bills, after the untimely death of her father left them with a pile of debt.

Soon enough, Ella is caught up in a romance with her very handsome, but very married boss, Danny. To make matters worse, she works side by side with Danny's wife, but that doesn't stop the love affair.

Soon, she is off on trips to London and New York, and she is receiving gifts from Danny, but back at the office she is noticing some discrepancies in the books...when she brings it to their attention, Danny and his wife don't seem concerned, but eager to prove herself, Ella starts searching for answers.

However, she probably should have left well enough alone, because soon she is at the center of a diamond heist, and she is the main suspect. She must try to clear her name, but has her love for Danny made her blind? Is Danny behind all of this?

To learn the answer to that question, then you have to get a copy of The Diamond Connection, on Amazon for $2.99.

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