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The Dream Ten: David's Miracle Ebook Review


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A little while back, I reviewed the book, The Dream Ten: Where's Tony?, which is book two in the Dream Ten series written by A.D. Erving, which was a very well written story, and left me interested in reading more from this series. The author came through, and sent me another book in the series, although for this review I will backtrack to book one, The Dream Ten: David's Miracle.


In this book, we are introduced to David Malone, a short kid with a love for basketball, and the skills to go along with that love. When he is told he didn't make the team after trying out for a coveted spot on the Warriors roster, David thinks his chance of ever playing for the NBA, are long gone. Big dreams for a kid headed to the seventh grade, even his dad thinks it is a waste of his time.

David gives up basketball for a while, but then rediscovers his love of it, after the little boy next door asks for his help learning how to play. David decided that basketball will always be a part of his life, and starts going to the school gym to play, but soon wishes for more.

After running into a few more guys, that also were denied a spot on the Warriors team, David and his new friends decide that they need to form their own team, but with no coach, there is no chance...until a local legend steps from the shadows and agrees to be their coach.

They go on a 72 hours hunt for 5 more guys to make up a 10 man team, and the Dream Ten are born. Their first real game is against the Warrior, and it is a family secret that helps the Dream Ten, and David come through in the end.

This is a great book, perfect for any young adult, and anyone with a love for basketball. I learned more about basketball shots while reading this book, than I did when I played basketball in middle school.

I highly recommend not only this book, but the entire series, and look forward to reading more. You can find The Dream Ten: David's Miracle on Amazon for .99 (Kindle), or $9.89 (Paperback).


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