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The List: Shout out your dreams Ebook Review


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Have you ever had something happen in your life, that was so terrible, it made everyone wonder how you managed to make it from one day to the next, simply because it was something that would make most people give up hope?

That is exactly what happened to Yuval Abramovitz, and it is the reasoning behind his book, The List: Shout out your dreams.

At 16 years old, he has a horrific accident at work, that leaves him paralyzed. Now, instead of planning for all the things that most kids his age were planning for, he was stuck either in his bed, or in wheelchair.

The doctors didn't know why he was paralyzed, or if he would ever regain use of his legs, but there he was, wheelchair bound at 16.

During this time, he started writing down all the things he wanted to do with his life, he broke the list down into age groups, and every time he thought of something new, he added it to the appropriate category. His list was a lifetime bucket list of sorts...everyone that read it thought he was crazy, but he credits this list to helping him have the drive and motivation to work on regaining the use of his legs; which he does after a grueling year and a half.

This book is a motivational, and inspirational book, that pushes us to explore our dreams, and go after them. What are your dreams, what goals do you have, and what is stopping you from accomplishing them?

I strongly suggest this book to anyone looking to open up their minds to the possibility of actually living your dreams; all it takes is a list, and The List: Shout Out Your Dreams! which you can find on amazon for $3.31. Start with those, and see how far you get!

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