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Love Trap ebook review


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Love Trap, by Amnon Jackont, is the story of Daphne Bernstein; A disgraced Dr. from the United States, who has run away to Jerusalem with her young daughter in tow.

Daphne is trying to start her life over, after a poor decision, landed in her prison. After doing two years, Daphne is released, but has to wait another 8 years before her medical license can be reinstated.

During that time, she meets a man, marries him, and has her daughter, Natalie or Tali, as she goes by. As time passes, Daphne grows tired of the mundane life she has with her husband, and after coming clean about her past, the two divorce.

This sets of a long and hard road for Daphne and her daughter, as Daphne secures jobs in the medical field, only to lose them within a few weeks time once the insurance companies discover her past.

Finally, Daphne hears of opportunities in Israel, and with her daughter by her side, she relocates; landing a job with a company called "Doctors for Humanitarian Cause"

The company sends her to work in a distressed building, working with those in need, and Daphne finally feels like herself again...working where her passion lies; in medicine. However, this job is not as it seems. Daphne soon learns that her placement her is not by accident.

As Daphne tries to learn more about what is happening within the walls of this building, she finds herself uncovering lies, friendships, and even love.

This is a great book, and I really enjoyed it. Amnon Jackont has a way with his words, and he is able to draw you into the story almost immediately. I look forward to reading more from this author.

If you are interested in reading Love Trap, you can find it on Amazon for .99 (Kindle) or $15.96 (Paperback).

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