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The Monster on Top of The Bed Family of Books - Review.


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Let me start by saying, that this is an absolutely adorable story! My 3 year old loved it!

This is the story of Suzy, a little girl that is afraid of the monster under her bed...it just so happens though, that the monster under her bed, is afraid of the monster on top of the bed, Suzy,what with all her bouncing on the bed, and running across the floor!

The monster, who goes by the name Kerrit, is horrified at what he thinks Suzy eats, and it takes some convincing and some demonstration on the part of Suzy, to set the record straight.

I think this is a great book, and a fresh take on the "monster under the bed" I think that it would be a great way to help those kids that do have a fear of monsters, overcome that fear and realize that just maybe, those monsters are more afraid of them, than they are of the monsters.

My daughter had me read this book several times over the last few weeks, but what I like even more is that a supplemental book of activities has been made to accompany this story. With mazes, decoder sentences, monster creators, counting, drawing, and coloring. So much fun!!

You can get your own copy of The Monster on Top of the Bed to read with your littles, on Amazon for just .99!

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