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Mr. Sandman by Lyle Howard, Ebook Review


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Lance Cutter is born out of a horrific experiment by a deranged scientist. Presumed dead in an explosion at birth, Lance and his mother create a quiet, normal life. But what is normal for others is not so for Lance. He is faster, smarter and more agile than other children. When Lance and his mother go to Washington seeking answers, they are greeted by deadly force.
Barely escaping the clutches of government agents, the plane they are traveling on crashes into the icy Potomac river. Thought dead for the second time in his life, Lance grows up and finds a quiet, secluded existence working as an arson investigator in Florida. But when innocent people begin to spontaneously combust, Lance must use all of his extraordinary talents to stop the deranged killer.
Cutter now finds himself front page news. It’s these headlines that will finally bring him face to face with the truth about his birthright and put him in a life and death struggle to survive.


This was a well written book, that has many twists and turns. I didn't want to put the book down, because I had to know what happened next.

This book followed the life and trials of Lance Cutter, a man who has had to start life anew; twice.

You never quite know what direction the plot is going to take, but you can be sure that it is intriguing and will keep you on the edge of your seat.

It is a rather long book, so unless you have absolutely nothing to do, this is not going to be a book that you read in one afternoon, but it is a good book and one that I suggest reading, especially if you area fan of Sci-Fi, and Thrillers.

You can find Mr. Sandman on Amazon for .99 (Kindle).

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