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Sy Goldman and The Case of The Beantown Butcher Ebook Review.


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Sy Goldman lived an uneventful life selling suits in Brooklyn for fifty years, then he retired and the excitement began! Let Sy tell you the story of how his golden years in the California beach city of Santa Monica went from laid back to action packed. As he and his friend Alexey try to solve the "suicide" of their roommate Murray, and have an adventure along the way.

This story starts out with Sy Goldman, writing to his great-grandson. He wants to tell him a story about his life, and although his great grandson is only 6 weeks old, Sy is writing to him as if it is already the future and he is already long gone. It is actually quite funny how he starts out explaining things to his great grandson, Matt.

As we get into the meat of the story (see what I did there? meat...butcher?!) We learn about the death of Sy's roommate. The police say it is suicide, but Sy and his other roommate don't believe so. They set out to find out what really happened, along with their police liaison, Detective Callahan.

In the beginning, it seems as if Sy and his roommate Alexey, are just grasping at straws, but it is quickly discovered that they have stumbled upon some real danger. Somehow, they have discovered that Murray was the victim of the "Beantown Butcher", a person wanted for a variety of crimes that were committed from the 70's through the 90's.

This story kept me on the edge of my seat, and I like that it was written more like a conversation, and less like a book. If you are interested in reading more, and rooting for Sy, then you have to get Sy Goldman and The Case of The Beantown Butcher, on Amazon for $2.99.

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