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The Knowledge of the Gods Ebook Review.


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Is Humanity Ready for the Passage into the Golden Age?

From Material Masonry to Spiritual Masonry

The Knowledge of the Gods describes the spiritual growth of a woman who managed to awaken as a result of the hardships she experienced in her life. Because of her experiences, she decided to make a sacrifice, to sacrifice herself for the benefit of the people around her as well as for the benefit of humanity. Her willingness to make the sacrifice came from her aspiration to see all the people of the world live in peace, love and harmony.

Because of her belief that sacrifice can assist in the fulfillment of her aspirations, she turned to God and asked him to accept her sacrifice. She asked to give up her life for the benefit of others.
Not long after that, the author of this book developed the ability to conduct channeling. Gradually, the level of her spiritual guides rose, according to the level of knowledge and spiritual awareness she accumulated. Her continued sacrifice and progression in knowledge caused the angels and higher gods to connect with her.
The high gods of light began to offer her their knowledge. They wanted to assist her in achieving her spiritual destiny. Through her, they wished to pass on their knowledge and science. The gods asked her to write a book and through that book, to offer their knowledge to all the people of Earth.
With the aid of channeling, a connection was established with the gods of light from the Egyptian era, especially with the Gods Amun-Ra and Michael, who reached the spiritual level of the creator; thanks to their knowledge.
The high gods of light, as you will read in the book, passed their knowledge and information during numerous channeling sessions, through journeys and fascinating experiences from different eras of life on Earth and other planets. Meetings were held in all those places, with people who had lived in various eras. Those people and the gods themselves passed on their information through personal stories taken from their own lives. The God Amun taught about the masonry and architecture of his time, as well as about how the universe itself is constructed. Also, he explained what needs to be done in order to change current material masonry into spiritual masonry. The God Amun taught the knowledge of masonry with the aid of diagrams, symbols, numeric calculations and more... during many different journeys.


This was a very interesting book, and a very well written book. The author takes us on her spiritual journey, and she speaks of channeling and meditation, and being guided by the Gods. I think that there is a big difference in being religious vs spiritual, and I think that the unknown can be frightening to some people, but I think this book certainly does a good job of letting people in on this type of journey. I recommend it to anyone that is on their own spiritual journey, or just wants to learn more.

You can find The Knowledge of the Gods on Amazon for .99 (Kindle)

*I received this book complimentary for review purposes. All opinions are purely my own*


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