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Waves of Romance Ebook Review


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Sage Drake is living the good life in sunny Seaside Heights, Florida. Once an avowed workaholic, her sexy new lover – surfer, world traveler and author Derek Chambers – has awakened in her not just a love for the ocean, and surfing, but for life in general. But when her trusted assistant manager departs for college a few months early, Sage is forced to choose between managing her bookstore, Sequels, or enjoying the good life with Derek. A solution comes in the form of Colby Weathers, a worthy replacement for her old assistant manager… if only she wasn’t so beautiful. Sage isn’t the only one to notice and, when Derek and Colby hit it off, Sage’s worst fears are confirmed: he easily tosses her aside for the much younger Colby. Or does he? After a brief affair, Derek comes back, more in love than ever. The only question is: can Sage forgive him?


This was a very quick read, and one that was full of explicit love scenes. The plot was familiar with the "girl loves guy, guy sleeps with someone else and breaks girls heart, girl forgives guy, and they live happily ever after" routine.

I think that it is probably something that people can relate too...either it happened to them or someone they know. The book did end pretty suddenly, with Sage forgiving Derek, then immediately deciding to move in with him.

I think that the book focused a lot on the sexual aspect of the relationship, making Sage seem a bit desperate for love. I can't imagine jumping back in bed with someone that cheated on me, just days after it happened...especially if he claimed he loved me.

At any rate, is was good for a quick afternoon read, and I am curious as to what step the next book in this series takes.

You can find Waves of Romance on Amazon for .99

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