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Its time for a little Spring Cleaning!

Ahh, that wonderful time, when it starts to warm up a little, the snow starts to melt, and the first signs of Spring start to pop through...a few blades of green grass, the first Tulip, dust bunnies. Wait, did I just say Dust Bunnies?! Yes, I most certainly did, because, while all of the beauty of the outdoors is springing back to life after lying dormant all winter, the same is happening inside.

Its that time of the year to start reclaiming our homes...ditching the build up of stuff and things, clearing our closets of those warm winter clothes, tossing the broken toys, gadgets, yard equipment, and what have yous...in exchange for a fresh, de-cluttered, and organized home, ready for all that the summer will bring.

If you are like me, then you attack your house with a plan and a purpose. Going room by room, getting rid of everything that is broken, too small, too big, or useless. Deciding what is trash, what can be recycled, and what can be donated.

You map out what needs to be cleaned, and how you will do it so that you don't burn yourself out. Lets face it, during the winter months, with all of the Holidays, family gathering, and trying to stay warm...deep cleaning your house is probably not on the top of your list. Sure, cleaning daily happens, but deep cleaning? probably not.

Plus, the sheer thought of tackling all that needs to be done, can being tiring all by itself. Well, that's why this post exists...to help prepare you for deep cleaning your house. Starting April 1st, we are going to take on Spring Cleaning with a vengeance. I will post a weekly schedule, that will assist in breaking down the daunting task, to make it more manageable. Together we will Spring Clean our homes!

My first task for all of you, is to gather all your cleaning supplies. Spend the next two days getting trash bags, boxes, rags, sponges, cleaners, etc. Label your boxes: KEEP, TRASH, and DONATE. If you have larger things that you are getting rid of, now is the time to schedule those pickups with whatever agency you will be donating them too. This is also a great time to post things on your local Buy/Sell/Trade Facebook page!

So, who's ready? if you will be joining me, chime in below, and let me know what types of things you need to tackle and would like me to add to the schedule!


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