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Salsa Dance Workout DVD Review.


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Have you ever sat back and watched someone dance, and thought to yourself  "I wish I could dance like that!"

I do it all the time, I will be flipping through the channels, and come across some ballroom dancing competition, and I will get drawn in. The entire time I am watching, I am thinking to myself, how fit I would be if I moved like that. I mean really, lets face it, moving like that, for that length of time, is a serious workout.

I, of course, would never be brave enough to try and dance in front of people, which is why I never joined Zumba. Thankfully there are companies like Dance Crazy, that make these great dance workout videos, that you can do from the comfort of your own home.

Not only are you getting great step by step instructions on how to do the dance, but you are getting a serious workout in the process.

I have been doing the Salsa Dance Workout, and am surprised with myself. I am getting faster in my steps, which means I am getting a harder workout. I love it!

If you love to dance, or have always wanted to learn, AND you want to get a great workout, then you have to get SalsaCrazy on Amazon for $7.97 down from $39.99 (80% savings).

*I received the item in this post complimentary for review purposes. All opinions found within are purely my own*

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