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Tidings of Murder and Woe by Cathy Spencer

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Christmas can be murder on families, especially when your mother is Julia Moreland, the CEO of a big oil company. Julia has a secret she’s about to announce to the press, but someone is sending her threatening notes to keep her mouth shut.

Julia’s stepson is dating Magdalena, Anna Nolan’s boss. Anna has already outwitted death twice this year and her nerves can’t stand much more. Besides, all she wants for Christmas is to spend time with the two men in her life. So when her boss turns to her for help, Anna is reluctant. Still, curiosity is her downfall, and sticking her nose in where it isn’t wanted is her forte.

Tidings of Murder and Woe is a page-turner with plenty of plot twists, dashes of humour and romance, and even a little Christmas baking.


I have read other books in the Anna Nolan series, and this one was just as good as the last. 

Anna is investigating the murder of a wealthy businesswoman, and step mother to her boss's boyfriend. Everyone is a suspect, and Anna must help figure out who the murderer really is. 

Anna is well versed in murder mysteries, having been the suspect in her ex-husbands murder, and at the center of a small town murder. She must use her intuition to help figure out who is responsible, and she is less than thrilled to be in the middle of yet another horrific crime. 

Having already read other Anna Nolan mysteries, I can tell you, she is very good at figuring this type of thing out! 

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