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Bacchus Break Silicone Wine Glass Review


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I am the proud owner of what might be the greatest wine glass ever; The Silicone wine glass from Bacchus Break! Because, as the company says "Drunk people drop sh*t"

This is actually a great cup for a lot of reasons, the above being only one of them. Even better, this would make a great cup for the kids, both indoors and out, because as we all know, kids drop sh*t!

I gave this cup a good test run, making sure that while it is unbreakable, it is still sturdy enough to hold.

It definitely holds up well. I actually had to give it a good squeeze, which means that my kids (or an adult) would be able to hold it with ease, and if they do happen to lose their grip and drop it...well, I don't have to worry about broken glass!

These are great glasses to get, they come in a set of two, look like a nice frosted glass, and are perfect for the entire family to use.

You can find these Bacchus Break Silicone Glasses on Amazon.

*I received the item in this post complimentary for review purposes. All opinions found within are purely my own*

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