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Chefcoo™ Kids & Adult Folding Step Stool Review


I love to cook, I was raised in a family that was centered around food, and naturally I have tried to instill that same of love into my children. The only downside was that, for a long time, neither of them reach the counter to help me, and I didn't like bringing in the chair because it was unsteady. This awesome folding Chefcoo stool, solved all those problems, and now my little ones can help me cook...I think they have fallen in love with cooking!!

This stool is super easy to use, and can be set up one handed if need be; my daughter who is 3 can set it up all by herself! It has a good height on it, which makes it easier for her to help me, but also makes it easier for her to use when she is brushing her teeth or washing her hands.

It folds flat, so it is easy to store, either beside the fridge, the sink, or any other narrow fitting. It is extremely sturdy, holding the weight of both my husband and myself, as well as the kids. It has little rubber feet on the bottom, which assist in gripping the floor, so I am not at all worried about it tipping over, or sliding.

This is an extremely well made stool, and when it is closed, it has a handle that makes it easy to take from room to room. I think this is a great stool for anyone to have, and I will likely be getting a second one so that each of the kids has one.

Product Information:

 The kiddie mini stool is so strong even adults can use it. 
The stool's folding design makes it very easy to store away under your bed
or in tight closets without it occupying a big space.
Its lightweight makes it very easy for kids to carry around the house. 
It has a comfortable handle that also makes it easier for kids to carry.
Very safe thanks to a specially designed non-skid top. 
It is a stable stool great for use in the kitchen, bathroom and RV's.

 It is small, compact, and lightweight.
Eases certain tasks like; changing light bulbs. 

It is much safer than climbing over household furniture.

You can purchase the Chefcoo Folding Stool directly from Chefcoo

*I received the item in this post complimentary for review purposes. All opinions found within are purely my own*

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