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Organic Dandelion Root Tea Review


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I love tea, and I love finding new flavors, but most importantly, I love finding great tasting tea that is working internally to help heal my body. That is why I love this Organic Dandelion Root Tea, so much!

Product Information:

This tea has a really great flavor, and is a healthy and safe way to detox. My seven year old son, who has Autism, drinks a cup a day, and I have noticed a marked improvement in his everyday life. I drink a cup before bed, every night, and it has made me feel better and more energetic on a daily basis. In addition to my weekly detox bath, this tea is perfect for riding your body of all that is making you feel ill.

I strongly suggest sipping on a cup of this tea, if you feel like your body is in need of a good detox, it will make you feel so much better after you have made it part of your daily routine.

You can find this Organic Dandelion Root Tea on Amazon for $19.70, and you will get 5 boxes! 
Thats 100 tea bags!!

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