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Plant-A-Bottle Review


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I grew up with a love for plants, and gardening...the downside was all the watering that had to be done. Now, I only have to water once every two weeks, thanks to Plant-A-Bottle!

About this product:

With Plant-A-Bottle you will be able to recycle an old wine, liquor, or beer bottles and go from manual plant watering to automated plant watering.

Plant-A-Bottle will keep your soil moist for up to two weeks and will promote a healthy root system.

This eco-friendly watering system will keep your plants healthier by not over watering and flushing away soil and nutrients that your plants need.

Plant-A-Bottle measures 6.5″ X 2″ and is made from terracotta.

Plant-A-Bottle will keep plants hydrated for up to 2 weeks on a single bottle of water.

I am really pleased with these spikes, I have used self watering spikes in the past, and they have not done the job that they claimed to do. Either they would get dirt stuck in the opening that water needed to travel through, or they were very fragile, and would end up breaking.

These spikes, however, are great. They are made of Terracotta, which I love, because they remind me of all the big terracotta planters that my parents used. They are wide mouthed, instead of having a straw like opening, so the water flow is better, and because you are attaching a large bottle to the open end, they will water for a long time.

Most people will use these during vacation, so that they don't have to worry about having someone come water the plants, or worry about coming home to dead plants. However, I use them for everyday care. I stay very busy, and have never been a big fan of watering plants, as I mentioned before, but I love plants and enjoy having them in my house. These watering spikes are a win win for me, because all I have to do, is check to see how much water is in the bottle, and either fill it or walk away!

I really do love how easy it is to use these...and don't be discouraged just because it says to use an old liquor, beer, or wine bottle. You can find those bottles anywhere, and it lots of great colors too!

You can find these great Plant-A-Bottle watering spikes on Amazon

*I received the item in this post complimentary for review purposes. All opinions found within are purely my own*

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