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Six Force-Multiplying Insights Ebook Review


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This book reveals for the first time an over 2000 year-old system for personal and economic growth based on Six Force-Multiplying Insights. It can be shown that the Six Insights are common to the endeavors of Bill Gates, the Roman Emperor Augustus – founder of the greatest empire in history and the biblical King David. As such they are common to great financial successes and to the entire human race. 

This is about personal traits with a universal human dimension which characterize a life of prosperity. The Six Traits together create an array of capabilities much greater than the sum of its parts, whose realization brings personal and economic growth. In addition to the cumulative personal advantages, applying the system brings an increase in productivity and efficiency among employees in any organization, large or small. Familiarity with this universal language can also create and reinforce a common ground for humanity without differences of religion, race or gender. It opens the way for cooperation, economic development and peace between peoples, cultures and countries. 

The system described in this book is a product of the author’s life work, over 23 years, to identify, understand and analyze, from a birds-eye vantage, the components of human success. The Six Insights are a huge gift, true and beautiful, given by the Creator to humanity to enable growth. This is an essential book which gives a significant advantage to any household, employee or employer in improving relationships in the workplace and elsewhere. 

The system can help to elevate the quality of our modern experience. This book brings you a few steps closer to the American dream. 

I have to say, I am more than impressed with this book, as it opened my eyes on how to grow my success. All to often, we try and fail, then never try again because we failed. This leads us into a never ending cycle, where we work hard at something, but never seem to make it "work". 
Then, there are people who make every single idea work...people like Oprah Winfrey, and Bill Gates.

This book teaches you about the six qualities that the most successful people possess:

Focused Power
Wisdom & acquiring expertise
Continuous Development in conditions of success
Inner Peace

Each of these qualities is discussed and dissected, so that we can see how things like our attitude, approach, and interactions with other people, can make us or break us. By changing how we grow personally, we can change how we grow economically.

The insights and resources in this book are great, and I think that anyone that likes self-help books, or wants to learn more about how they can change the way things work, in their own lives, should get this book.

You can find Six Force-Multiplying Insights on Amazon

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