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Adventures of Brooklet & the Magical Monkey Pants Review


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Brooklet doesn’t want to go to bed she just wants to wear her monkey pants! Lu Lu, her brown-eyed dog, watches as she ignores Mother’s instructions. When suddenly she is whisked into the night by a confused jay bird, starting a great adventure filled with spectacular forest creatures, enchanting music, and the royal monkey family who believes she has finally returned to them. All the while her monkey pants seem to be transforming her into a real monkey! Scared and missing her family, all she wants to do is get back home! Adventures of Brooklet and the Magical Monkey Pants is a fun and unique fantasy about a defiant little girl and her discovery of the power her new mysterious magical monkey pants, or was it all just a dream?

It never fails, just when its time for bed, one of my kids decides that its not. Then it becomes a power struggle to see who is going to win...mom, or kid. Usually its mom, because, well its MOM...but sometimes, I pick my battles. This little book reminded me of that little power struggle.

My daughter is very much like Brooklet, if shes not ready for bed, she will think of 101 things that she needs to do...and just like Brooklet, that usually included dressing up in something fun!

This was a really cute little story, that my daughter really liked. We read it every few nights...surprisingly, there is no power struggle when we read it! Maybe we should read it EVERY night!

If you have a defiant little one, that likes to make the rules, this would be a great story to read to them! You can find The Adventures of Brooklet and the Magical Monkey Pants on Amazon.

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