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Direct Beat Systems White Bluetooth Headphone Review

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I am so glad that I finally found a pair of headphones, that work great, have amazing sound, and most importantly DON'T cost an arm and a leg! dBs bluetooth headphones are perfect for this family!


These are fantastic Direct Beat Systems headphones! 

They have great noise cancelling abilities, and the sound is fantastic. The padding on the headphones is perfect for my son, who has sensory issues, as he can wear them for a long period of time, without being disturbed. 

They are adjustable, so they fit little heads, and adults heads just fine. I like that they are bluetooth compatible, so I can connect them to my phone (Android) and work out without issue. 

However, for the instances that you can't connect via bluetooth, they come with a cord to connect them. These are also very stylish, and a fraction of the cost of other similar brands. 

There is easy access to the volume controls, and I like that because the cord is not wired directly into the headphones, there is no fear of accidentally destroying them by snatching the cord. This cord will detach easily if stepped on, which is great with children in the house!

Product Information:
Maximum bass and loudness level
Extensive music and talk time from Bluetooth 4.0
Maximum 3 hour charge time
For use with any android or iOS devices.

You can get these dBs Bluetooth Headphones on Amazon

*I received the item in this post complimentary for review purposes. All opinions found within are purely my own. Reference ID code pmeffaa633fc27abdde0023af10ac9685e*

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