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For Fit Sake Weightlifting Gloves Review


My husband and I lift weights...it is a good way for us to stay fit and healthy, while also getting some much needed "Us Time" While he lifts heavy weight, I lift much lighter weight, but we both need a good pair of weightlifting gloves to do the job right. For me, those include these four finger gloves from For Fit Sake.


Now, while I like these gloves for when I am only lifting dumbbells, my husband doesn't care for them as much. I think part of that is because he lifts very heavy weight, and he likes to have some thumb and wrist support, which these gloves don't  have.

While I do like these gloves, I  like to have the wrist support of traditional weightlifting gloves, when I am lifting something heavier, such as when I am on the bench.

Overall, I am pleased with how these gloves hold up when in use, they do support my hands with light weight, and protect my hands from calluses. The stitching is strong throughout, and have held up to repeated pulling from putting them on and taking them off.

*I received the item in this post complimentary for review purposes. All opinions found within are purely my own*

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