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Odyssey Rings - 8mm Tungsten Carbide Review

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You get married, you spend money on rings that you hope last forever...but you married a mechanic, and mechanics are rough on their hands. Grease, oil, heavy tools, heavy jacks...they can wreak havoc on that beautiful wedding band. So what do you do? You invest in a Tungsten Carbide band, and let your husband go back to work!


This beautiful tungsten carbide ring from Odyssey rings, is the perfect band for any man that works with his hands. It can handle the rough stuff, and come out looking just as beautiful as they day he put it on.

My husband and I got married in March, and we searched everywhere for a band that could stand up to the wear and tear that he puts his hands through. Then Odyssey Rings came into my life, and my search was over. The perfect ring had been found.


The ring arrived quickly, in its own velvet pouch, as is absolutely beautiful. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of sizing it wrong, and had to send off for another one. My mistake aside, I could not have asked for a better ring for my husband. I know that he will be able to continue doing what he does, and his wedding band will not be destroyed.

Product Information:

Nickel Binder, Cobalt Free, Comfort Fit & Scratch proof, for active Men who work w/ their Hands
Perfect as a Wedding Ring or Anniversary, Fathers Day, or even an "I Love & Appreciate You" Gift
Lifetime Guarantee covers Replacement for size changes or Accidental Breakage (Not valid w/coupons)
Approved & Marked w/ the Special Insignia of the Council of Olympian gods
Is your man secretly a Greek God in disguise (or does he look like one)? This is your ring.

You can find this gorgeous 8mm Tungsten Carbide Mens Wedding Band on Amazon

*I received the item in this post complimentary for review purposes. All opinions found within are purely my own. Reference ID: pmad6fff7b7be06acff1c63ced9f0da4ea

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