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Rock The Cradle: A Lullaby Tribute To Billy Idol Review


I absolutely love music...I can listen to just about any genre, and find something that I love. However, I am partial to any music from the 80's on back. I love getting to introduce my kids to new music, and watching them sing along to the music that I grew up on is awesome!

I have had the pleasure of listening to other albums from Jammy Jams, and I love how they take some of the most well known music, and turn it into lullabys!

This particular album is a tribute to Billy Idol, and includes Lullaby renditions of some of his greatest hits.

This is an absolutely fabulous album, and even if you are just listening to the lullaby version, you will find yourself quietly singing along, as you try to get your kiddos to sleep.

I also like to put this on, when I need the kiddos to calm down a little bit. 
The sound is very soothing, and a sure fire way to get my kids attention!

You can get this album off the Jammy Jams website, as well as iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play

*I received the item in this post complimentary for review purposes. All opinions found within are purely my own*

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