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Teething Pendant Review


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I love babies, after all I have two and plan on having more. However, there is a moment in every babies life, where both mom and baby get fed up...teething time. Your little ones gums hurt, they cry, and they drool. You try everything...teething rings, frozen towels, medication, nursing. Sometimes these work, sometimes they don't...so what do you do?

Usually, I end up holding my little ones, trying to soothe them...this usually ends up with my hair, earrings, or necklace being pulled on, and my entire shoulder being soaked.

Enter teething pendants! They will take care of all the problems I just mentioned. Made of 100% food grade silicone and BPA-Free, FDA approved, PVC-Free, Latex-Free, Rubber-Free, Lead-Free silicone. It contains no vinyl, phthalates, plastic, nitrosamines, cadmium, or heavy metals. They are taste and smell-free. 100% safe for your infant

I love this teething necklace, not only is it stylish for mom, but it great for any teething baby. The silicone is soft enough that it won't hurt your babies mouth, but tough enough to give them the pressure they need, in order to help their teeth cut. It is great for babies and toddlers both, and it maintains its shape. The color and style are also perfect for moms that want to dress up a bit. No more compromising style in order to tend to your babies needs, now you can do both!

You can grab this stylish Teething Pendant on Amazon

*I received the item in this post complimentary for review purposes. All opinions found within are purely my own*

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