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#BehindTheBlogger My Kinda Freedom

#BehindTheBlogger My Kinda Freedom

Growing up, people tell you that being an adult means making the rules, being in charge, taking responsibility, and one day having a family. However, they conveniently forget to mention, all that actually goes into doing all of that...

You end up with a mortgage bill, utilities, car payments, insurance, public vs. private school, and all the costs associated with that decision. It can get to be a lot to handle, and it leaves most of us wondering, why we were in such a rush to grow up.

Don't get me wrong, I love my life, my husband, and my kids, but I would love to get rid of most of those headaches, and have some real freedom. Freedom to raise my kids, my way, without the input of some government agency. Freedom to get rid of ridiculous utility rates. Freedom to teach my kids the things that they really need to know, if they are going to be successful adults.

My kinda freedom includes a large plot of land, a home that we built, solar and thermal power, a huge garden, livestock, a pond/lake for fishing, well water, and un-schooling my kids. A place where we can really experience life, make memories, and teach our kids about REAL life, hard work, and treasuring what is most important.

Its hard to find places that even allow living off the grid, anymore. They think that it is an unsafe environment for a child to grow up without city regulated water, or without state regulated electricity, or without the use of a grocery store.

Do you know what I think is an unsafe environment? When a child is so attached to an electronic device, that outdoor play causes them actual pain. When they are so addicted to fast food, that fresh fruits and vegetables, make them to gag. When they are so reliant on city and state owned utilities, that they could not SURVIVE without them.

No, not my family...while we do have electronic devices, my kids would rather play outside. While we partake in the occasional fast food meal, my kids prefer fresh fruits and vegetables, and actually enjoy gardening. My kids have gone without running water, and you know what? they still bathed, had clean clothes, and lived in a cleaner home than a lot of families that had running water.

We are survivors, and as long as we are doing it together, my kinda freedom means not relying on anything but each other and the instincts that our forefathers once relied on. How many people do you know, that could survive, if you took away all of their modern advancements?

One day, my family and I , will be able to live this dream...but for now, we will do it part time, and work towards making it a full time reality. That's my kinda freedom...whats your?

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