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Vivree Kitchen Tongs Set


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You all know how fond I am of kitchen gadgets, and this tong set from Vivree is no different. This set come with two sizes; a large and a small, and they are perfect for a variety of uses. I like to use the big ones with the grill, or when I am making fried chicken, or fish.

The smaller set, I like to use for salad, or corn, or whatever other side dish I happen to be making. The tongs have a silicone grip on the handle, which make gripping them very comfortable, and the silicon heads means that these tongs can stand up to high heat. There is also a silicone loop that works in two ways. First it is used as a locking mechanism, simply pull up to lock, or push down to unlock and open the tongs. The other way, is that you can hang them, rather than put them in a drawer.

Check out my video review, below!

You can find this Vivree Kitchen Tongs Set  on Amazon

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