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Experience nature with the Yellow Beaks Acrylic Bird Feeder


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I love the outdoors, I love seeing the animals, and watching them do what animals do. I also like that my kids have an interest in animals and nature. I grew up in the mountains in Colorado, so I grew up seeing some spectacular animals, and I have always wanted to let my kids experience nature, as closely as I did. However, we live in the city, so there isn't a lot of that going on.

Thats why I was thrilled to get this acrylic window bird feeder, from Yellow Beaks. It gave me a chance to let my kids experience nature closely, without disrupting it. Just attached it to your window with the three large suction cups, fill it with bird seed, and watch the different birds come in to eat.

Benefits of Yellow Beaks Window Bird Feeder:

My kids love seeing all the different birds, and their colors and markings. It is a great way to get in a science lesson, especially if you homeschool. So far we have seen a Cardinal, Sparrows, a Blue Jay, and Doves...not to mention a few birds that I don't know the name of! My kids are amazed!!

Unfortunately, I have very thin windows at my house, so I was not able to stick the bird feeder to my window the way I wanted too. I did however attach it over some of my landscaping on the fence. So far, I have not had any issues with squirrels trying to get to the seeds, but if that time comes, I will attach it to its own platform in the yard.

You can get your own Yellow Beaks Bird Feeder on Amazon, you and your kids (and cats) will love it!

*I received the item in this post complimentary for review purposes. All opinions found within are purely my own* 

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