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July Starbox - A Starlooks Subscription


Okay ladies! I am super super excited to tell you all about this awesome Custom StarBox! This is the first box I have received from Starlooks, and I am so glad to be included! This is an awesome subscription LIFESTYLE box, and here are so many beautiful products to choose from!

What I really like about this particular box, is that you get to pick the items you want. I have heard that the worst thing about subscription boxes, is that you never know if it is going to be a good month, where all the products are things that you want or like. Well, with this box, since you are picking the items, there is no way that you won't be happy! Plus, in addition to the 3 items that you get to pick, you also get to choose from 3 giftcards, and all for the low price of only $12!! That's amazing!!



I love the products in this box...I got Skin Perfecting Blush in "Rose Gold" (Limited Edition), A lippie in "Mad Crush", An eyeliner in "Noir", plus the three giftcards, my favorite of which was the $20 Scheane Marie by Starlooks, giftcard...I was able to get a new bronzer with that one!

I love the the quality of these products, the sizes (some full size, and some perfect size), and the fact that it is all for $12. The lipgloss is the perfect shade for me, as I am a more neutral tones kind of girl, but it is also very smooth and moisturizing. I have used lipglosses in the past hat have dried my lips out!

The Skin perfecting blush, has a beautiful pigment, goes on lightly with the right brush, and stays in place throughout the day...even in this ridiculous Texas heat!

The Eye pencil is smooth, easy to apply, doesn't run, but is easy to remove at the end of the day. I like the rich black color, and because it is more like a soft crayon, than a hard tipped pencil, it slides on with one smooth swipe...I LOVE that!

The bronzer that I bought with my giftcard, looked very dark when I first opened it, but after applying it lightly it all the right spots, it is a perfect compliment to any look.

Now remember, the price you will pay for this box is only $12, but what is it really worth? Lets take a look!

That's a total of $33.75, and that doesn't include the value of the giftcards that you choose! So yes, I would say that this Starbox is well worth the $12 that you will spend each month!

Now that I have introduced you to this amazing box, let me tell you that something amazing is joining Starlooks. YES!! Starting in September, the Custom Starbox, will be joined by the LOOKBOOKS MEMBERSHIP! So, you can sign up and get your own Custom Starbox, or you can get a Lookbook! If you choose to stick with a Custom box, you will now get to pick FOUR items, instead of three, and you will get $20 worth of Starlooks Giftcards! That means more goodies!! WooHoo!!!!!

I am so looking forward to sharing my first Lookbook with you, but before I do, come back and visit me, so I can show you all the goodies in my August Starbox! 

*I received the items in this post complimentary for review purposes. All opinions found within are purely my own*

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