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Silicone Lids and Food Covers, a must have in the kitchen!


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Have you ever put something in the microwave, put a cover on it so it wouldn't splatter, then open the microwave when it dings, to see that the stuff splattered all over the inside? What good is a cover, that wont stay in place?

Not a problem, with these silicone ezlids! They come in two sizes, and are perfect for a variety of uses. In addition to being used as splatter guards, they can also be used as lids for bowls that either don't come with one, or the lid has been misplaced (they can be suctioned to the bowl!). They make great covers at the dinner table, to keep the food warm, or as covers at a picnic or potluck, to keep the flies out. I have even used them as pot holders, in a pinch!

They are made of food grade silicone, and are very easy to wash. There really is no reason why you shouldn't have a set of these in your kitchen! So head on over to Amazon, and grab a set of EZ-Lid Silicone Lids and Food Covers.

*I received the item in this post complimentary for review purposes. All opinions found within are purely my own*

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