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Help feed children in need, with Cuddle+Kind hand-knit dolls


Have you ever sat back and wished that you could do something, anything, about the children that go hungry everyday? Have you ever wished that you could help feed them, but just didn't know how to make it work? Well, that's where Cuddle + Kind comes in.

Cuddle + Kind makes Beautiful, high-quality, hand-knit cotton dolls that make a difference. For every cuddle+kind doll purchased, they will provide 10 meals to hungry children around the world through their giving partners, World Food Program USA and Children’s Hunger Fund.

These dolls are absolutely beautiful, and knowing that they are helping with the crisis that is starving children, makes me love all the more.

So, how can you get involved? Well, you can start by connecting with them on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. The following video with introduce you to the beautiful creation that is Cuddle + Kind...

Don't stop there, Cuddle + Kind needs our help, so click on over and check out their campaign on Indiegogo. Their Goal? To provide ONE MILLION meals a year! That is amazing, and so many children need it!

So whats stopping you? Your child gets an absolutely beautiful hand made cuddle, and 10 children get the meal that they so desperately need. Who will stand with Cuddle + Kind, to help a child in need? As a woman that at one time was a starving child, I know that I will. As a mother, that would never want my children to be in the same position, I know I will.

These Cuddle + Kind dolls make a beautiful Christmas, Birthday, or Baby Shower gift, lets help make this goal a reality!

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*I received a sample in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion*

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