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Go all out for Halloween, with SpookyEyes!

I love Halloween;  I love seeing my kids dressed up as their favorite characters, going candy crazy, and passing out amid a mountain of wrappers. But what about mom? Well, this year I decided that I would join in on the fun, and thanks to SpookyEyes and their wide variety of contact lenses, I too can change who I am for the night, and anytime in the future!

They have a pair for everyone! With, Halloween Contact Lenses, White ContactsZombie contact Lenses, and Cat Eye contacts, the possibilities are endless! SpookyEyes sent me this great pair of Natural Aqua Color Contacts, and I used them to create my Half Man, Half Woman, FreakShow look!

My eyes are naturally a dark shade of brown, so while these contacts from SpookyEyes  are amazing in the bright sun, or when hit with the flash of a camera, it is hard to determine the color when I am inside. I think I would like to try a brighter shade, such as this Green Funky Contact Lenses

Overall, I really like these contact lenses, as they are easy to put in, don't irritate the eye, and after initially putting them in, I couldn't even feel them anymore, which ultimately made me forget that I even had them in!

I can't wait for Halloween, when I can dress up with my babies, and get candy crazy, then pass out in  a mountain of wrappers :)

So, what are you doing for Halloween? No ideas yet? Well, hop on over to SpookyEyes, for a little inspiration!

*I received the item in this post complimentary for review purposes. All opinions found within are purely my own*

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