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ROCA Home Kids Gardening Tools and Learning Guide


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When I was growing up, my family tended a HUGE garden. We grew everything from the basic vegetables, to fruits on both plants, and bushes, and things like hops, that my dad used to home brew beer. We learned early on, how to tend to compost, distnguish between plants and weeds, and how to rotate crops for the best harvest.

I wasn't always fond of the weeding part, but having fresh fruits and vegetables was amazing...to know that I had helped grow what we were eating, is a memory that I treasure to this day. It is a memory that I hope to create with my own children, so every year, my kids help me plant the veggies needed for salads, and when we have more space, we will grow muc more.

The thing is, the tools I use, just aren't suitable for my kids to use. Tehy are weathered, and larger than my kids can handle, so when ROCA Home sent me this amazing little gardening tool set, I was thrilled.

My daughter opened it up, and immediately laid claim to it (sorry son!) This set is great...it contains a spade, a flat shovel, a tiny rake, a watering can, a bag to carry it all in, and an instructional guide to the types of bugs my kids might find in the garden.

My daughter is currently growing a squash, and she makes sure to fill her little watering can daily, so that she can water the squash! She is turning into a great little gardener!

Stay tuned for pictures of her squash!!

I think that gardening is a very important skill, one that a lot of people no longer have...this is why we have a gardening class as part of our homeschool curriculum. After all, we all need to eat, right?! 

So, how about you? do you garden? Why not surprise your kids or grandkids with their own little ROCA Home Gardening Toolset, you can find them on Amazon!

*I received the item in this post complimentary for review purposes. All opinions found within are purely my own*

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