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Glamulet Pre-Sale Event and Giveaway!


Glamulet has launched their Pre-Sale on their new sterling silver, and Murona Glass Bead, charms and bracelets! and you can get in on the great deals, and free shipping, buy ordering now! Pre-Sale orders ship on November 20th, so there is still time to pick up some beautiful new additions to an existing bracelet, or create an all new arrangement for the lovely ladies in your life. There are beads, and charms for all occasions, and if you use the the code shandews15, you can get 15% off of your order! On top of that, the first First 20 customers to order get a 50% discount, 21st to 99th get a 25% discount, and the 100th gets a 10% discount! Each item has a meter to tell you exactly what discount you will get, so act now, I promise, you don't want to miss out on this sale!

Would you like even better news? Glamulet is giving away 100 sets of their Pre-Sale charms, worth $75, so just enter below and make sure you spread the word! Just use #GlamuletPresale when you are spreading the word!



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