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Shoe Giveaway from Alterre Shoes!

I know I am not the only woman that hates packing shoes for a trip, or deciding which shoes go with which outfit...well, with those struggles in mind, Alterre shoes create a customizable heel...check it out, and then enter to win a pair of your own!

About this Brand:

Ever carry multiple pairs of shoes to work? Or struggle with picking only a couple shoes to take on your next trip that would match everything? Alterre shoes were created with you in mind.

With our patent pending technology, you can mix and match your look and lift to fit your lifestyle. With over 65 combinations, it is easy to transform your look from day to night and pack light for your next vacation. Customizable and comfortable, they are the perfect pair for any occasion. These shoes are as versatile as you are!

All of our shoes are designed in our New York Studio and made according to fair labor laws in Brazil. We donate 5% of the proceeds to the women's abuse shelter Restore NYC, so you get to do good while you look good.

*Sponsored by BrandBacker*

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