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#BehindTheBlogger My Christmas Wish

#BehindTheBlogger My Christmas Wish

I come from a large family, and one of our favorite holidays is Christmas...it is a big deal. Growing up, it was tradition for all of us to load up in the car, and go in search of the perfect Christmas tree, a la Griswold Style.

We would hunt for, cut down, and bring home that years tree, and then bring all of the crates of decorations up from the basement. My dad would put on his Christmas records, and we would get to work decorating this huge tree, and the house.

We always had a cookie day...dedicated to making Pizzelles, sugar cookie cutouts, gingerbread cookies, popcorn balls, fudge, and a whole lot more. We gathered at grandmas, and just enjoyed each others company.

Christmas Eve, was dedicated to the Italian side of our family, with Fettuccine Alfredo, Italian Sausage and Meatballs, trays of meats and cheeses, with the specialties being pepperoni, Capicola, Genoa salami,  Fontina cheese, and smoked mozzarella, from Vinola's, an Italian meat market in the Denver area.

My whole family would either gather at my dads house in Lyons, my grandmothers house in Arvada, or my aunts house in Evergreen...we would eat, reminisce, open the Christmas Eve gift, and prepare for Christmas Day.

Christmas Day was spent opening the presents that had magically appeared under the tree, overnight, before heading to Grandmas to once again be with family. There was always a wonderful meal, and of course we could never get grandma to sit down...she was always up getting more gravy, or fresh rolls. Grandmas are funny like that!

Now, we are all separated, with many of us living in Texas, missing out on the festivities happening in Colorado. Still, I hold steadfast to those traditions...Christmas Eve still means Italian food, I still have cookie day, and there are always phone calls made to the family back home. It isn't enough though, so this year, My Christmas Wish, is that this will be the LAST Christmas that I spend away from my family.

My Christmas Wish, is that this time next year, we will all be together in Colorado, celebrating the way we used too...my grandmother is 98 now, and if the heavens allow, My Christmas Wish, is to spend the next one, by her side...

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, everyone...May all your Christmas Wishes come true this year!

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