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Facial cleansing, the #BrightTherapy way


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I have used several facial cleansing brushes over the last few years, and each of them has had their perks. This one from Bright Therapy, is no different. Although this brush does not rotate, it provides a solid and continuous vibration, to aid in cleansing the face.

The vibration is strong enough that, when used with a facial cleansing soap, a nice lather will form. This brush comes with three brush heads, one sponge, and one head that is apparently used to massage the skin.

I use the medium brush for my skin, but you can use the soft brush for sensitive skin, or the firm brush if you are needing to exfoliate. I like the sponge for when I am applying serums and/or moisturisers. The massage head, is the only part that I don't care for, as it does absolutely nothing, in my opinion.

All in all, I am pleased with this cleansing brush, and after using it once a day, for a weeks time, I am able to start seeing a difference in how my skin looks. The overall radiance, and suppleness, has increased, and for that, I give this brush 4 stars!

If you are looking for something affordable, that works, you can find this Bright Therapy Cleansing Brush, on Amazon.

*I received the item in this post complimentary for review purposes. All opinions found within are purely my own*

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