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Keep those pants in place, with #SwitchBelt


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I have always had the hardest time, finding my son a belt that fits. We can't shop for belts in the kids section, as they are all too small, and adult belts are pretty pricey. Still, he needed a belt, and it needed to be functional, and stand up to the rough and tumble kid that he is.

I am more than pleased with this option from Switch Belt, it is an adjustable belt, which allows you to cut it to the size needed for the person using it. This is no sized belt, but rather a  "one size" belt that can be customized. Speaking of customization, these belts allow you to change buckles and belts, so that you can create your own look.

With a combination of their classic belts, and their skinny belts, the members of your family will never have trouble finding a belt that matches.

I got the Brown Sugar belt for my son, and it is perfect for him...it matches his military style clothes, which makes him a happy guy!

This belt comes in 11 different colors, and is very easy to adjust, just snip, clip, and go! The best part, is that because I snipped while this belt was on the tightest setting, it will last my son for a long time, all I have to do is go up a notch as he grows! No more belt buying for this mama!

You can grab you own Switch Belt on Amazon!

*I received the item in this post complimentary for review purposes. All opinions found within are purely my own*

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