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Keeping warm, with Cache Alaska Ski Hats! #AlaskaStyle


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I can't even begin to explain how many knit hats we have in our house, usually in use by my husband, but at times, needed by my kids. The downside to that is, my husband is a mechanic, so his hats always smell like grease and oil, even after being washed, which isn't really how I want my kids to smell!

That's why is was important for me to get my kids their own knit hats this year, with it gets increasingly colder in Texas (weird, right?!) They needed something that would keep them warm, and that is why I love these knit ski hats from Cache Alaska!

These hats, aside from being very well made, have a fleece lining around the band, that adds to the warmth of the hat. Plus, they are sized well, even for my son who has a larger head, this hat covers his ears completely!

The pink hat that I got for my daughter is a bit larger than the blue one, so it engulfs her tiny little noggin, but with a good wash and dry, it should be fine!

You can find both these Cache Alaska Hats on Amazon!

*I received the items in this post complimentary for review purposes. All opinions are purely my own*

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