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Mama relaxes with the #OriginalBambooPillow


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I think I have told you all before, about my love for pillows - I think there are more pillows in my 4 person household, than in the average 4 person household. That being said, I do have my favorites amongst all of those pillows.

There are some that are strictly for decorating - as in, there is no sleeping on those pillows. Weird, I know, but I am particular in that area. Then you have your standard pillows - the 2 pack that come from your local big box store. The ones that adorn the kids beds, are used for company, or the backups for when everything else is in the wash.

Then you have your, this is MY pillow, that one is yours. Don't touch it, you can't have it, where is my pillow, I can't sleep without it, type pillows - yes, I know, that is usually reserved for the kids. However, I didn't even realize that an adult version of that type of pillow existed, that is, until I received my Queen sized, Original Bamboo Pillow.

This is by far, the most comfortable pillow, I have ever had. It has shredded memory foam inside, and is covered in the softest cover ever. It is a firmer pillow, but it is exactly what I have needed for so long. It doesn't matter if I am sleeping on my back, my side, or my stomach - this pillow supports my head and neck, like no other pillow I have ever owned.

I can lay back on this pillow, just to take a break, and before you know it, and am nodding off! Every member of my family has tried to claim ownership of this pillow, but oh no, this one is all MINE!

I don't put it in a pillowcase, because the cover is so soft, and although I have not needed to wash it just yet, I imagine that when I do, I will just need to throw a couple of wool dryer balls in with it while it dries, to help it regain its shape.

It arrived rolled, and tightly wrapped, and it immediately started to self fluff - fully fluffing, after a couple of hours. I am so impressed with this pillow, that I have promised my husband that I will get him one of his very own (it also means he will stop trying to steal mine!)

You can get your own Original Bamboo Pillow, on Amazon, and I highly suggest that you do!

*I received the item in this post complimentary for review purposes. All opinions found within are my own*

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