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Open those cans with ease, with an electric #canopener


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I live in a place, that has a pretty small kitchen area, so of course I want to save as much counter space as possible, not to mention cabinet space. So having a large can opener just isn't going to work.

This electric can opener from Sagler, is perfect - not only for the fact that it is small, and electric, but also because it opens cans with safety in mind.

This can opener rests on top of the can, and with a simple push of the button, it self rotates on the can, cutting through the side, rather than the top, which makes for a safe can top - no sharp edges!

Once the can opener as made a full rotation, simply push the red button once more, and the can opener releases its grip on the can, while the magnet on the underside, holds firm to the top.

No more sharp edges, and cans, no more tops falling into the can, and no more big bulky can opener, taking up precious counter space - its a win win win!

This can opener uses 4 AA batteries, and feels comfortable in the hand - a far cry from other handheld can openers, especially the manual ones!

If you want to save space, if you want a safer option for opening cans, and if you don't want to go fishing for can tops, then head on over to Amazon, and pick up a Sagler Electric Can Opener!

*I received the item in this post complimentary for review purposes. All opinions found within are purely my own*

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