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Organize car rides, with #FancyMobility


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If you are a parent, or caretaker of small children, then you know all too well, just how quickly the car can become a catch all for all things kid related. Cups, toys, pacifiers - you name it, and it has probably been lost, at least once in the car.

That's exactly why I love this car organizer from Fancy Mobility. It has become a sanity saver, in the quest for corralling the kid things, that always end up making it into the car - no matter how many times you might say "leave that at home"

In addition, it is a lifesaver, during long car rides. If you have more than one child, having on for each child, would be beneficial. Simply strap it onto the seat back in front of where your sweet one will be sitting, and let them fill it with the things that keep them happy!

Each pocket on this organizer is large enough to hold bottles/cups, small toys, crayons, color pages, books, and even handheld games. The top pocket, holds things like wet wipes, tissues, small snacks, sunglasses, etc.

With this car seat organizer, comes a visor organizer - great for holding the DVDs the kids want to watch, during that car ride, or the CDs that they want to listen too.

This is a great quality organizer. The straps are adjustable, and very strong. There is one that wraps around the headrest, and one that wraps around the base of the seat. They can hold quite a bit of weight, so don't be afraid to load them up, for those long car rides!

So, if you are ready to organize the car, or prep for a long car ride, head on over to Amazon, and grab your Fancy Mobility Car Organizer!

*I received the item in this post complimentary for review purposes. All opinions found within are purely my own*

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