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#popuplaundryhamper Not just for laundry!


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Pop up laundry hampers are great, they are compact, so they dont take up much space, they are heavy duty, so they can carry a lot, and when they aren't in use, you can fold them up and just slide them out of sight.

They are a great asset, especially when you don't have a lot of space to work with...but there are so many other uses for pop up hampers, especially if you have a heavy duty one, like the one pictured above.

Here are some of my favorite uses, aside from the obvious laundry use...

Those things can take over if you let them, but with a pop up hamper, you can corral them and put them out of the way!
Perfect for those warm summer days at the beach, pop up hampers let you leave the sand on the beach. Toss your toys in, and give it a shake!

Ok, so this isnt always the cutest way to store your cloth, but in a pinch, a pop up hamper will hold a good sized fluffy stash!

Basketball, Soccer, Tennis, Kickball...they are hard to store, and take up a lot of space. Use a pop up hamper, to keep them all in one, easy to move storage container!

With a bucket in the center for things like tape, scissors, ribbon, and tags, wrapping paper rolls fit perfectly into a pop up hamper!

The possibilities are endless, you really could store anything in a pop up hamper, and I really like this one. The stitching is strong, the handles make it easy to carry, and double as a way to hold the hamper shut when it is not in use!

You can find this Greenco Pop Up Hamper on Amazon

What else would you use a pop up hamper for? Share your ideas below!

*I received the item in this post complimentary for review purposes. All opinions found within are purely my own*

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