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#BehindTheBlogger You Make Me Smile

#BehindTheBlogger You Make Me Smile

I am starting to see a trend with these behind the blogger posts - at least with the answers that I give to most of them. It might be due to how much I focus my time and energy on my kids, but they are always what come to mind first, when I am getting ready to write.

Some people think it is unhealthy for me to focus so much on my kids, but I question why they don't focus as much on their own kids. Isn't that what parents are supposed to do, at least during the formative years? I never understood how people could spend so much time away from those that they should be molding, and preparing for life.

I always get the, I need "me time" answers, or the I am only a good parent, if I am away from them for a certain amount of time - I am not talking about the time when people are working. I am talking about the time, when the kids are wanting to spend quality time with their moms and dads, but mom and dad have other plans.

I am sorry, but it just isn't me - it might work perfectly for other families, but for mine, we all function best, when we are together. Do, I ever need a quiet moment? Yes, but that's what a hot bath is for, or why we have bedroom doors - we take turns having a quiet moment, one that teaches our kids, mom and dad need a moment, but they are always there if you need them.

I have plenty of time to be separated from my kids, as they get older, they will want to be with their friends. They will have dates, and school functions, and jobs - eventually they will move out, and I will be battling empty nest syndrome. But for now, even when they are driving me absolutely crazy, I can tell them "You Make Me Smile" and that makes everything okay.

The dirty rooms, the loads of laundry, the broken whatevers, the angry looks, the defiance, the back talk, the sibling rivalry, the loud when I need quiet, all of the can be cured by one out of place comment that is totally off the wall, one crazy look, and one tiny hug and an "I Love you Mama" that makes me smile, then makes me laugh.

In all things in life, you weigh the good with the bad, if the happy outnumbers the sad, and the smiles outnumber the frowns, then you will be okay...I don't imagine myself ever wanting to be away from my kids - even on the craziest of days. I tell my kids pretty regularly, that they make me happy, and that I love them, but maybe I need to start telling them "You Make Me Smile"

Smiles are a good thing!

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